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We will be regularly updating this page with the latest Immigration News. You can visit our website from time to time with more information posted online.

Be informed and make sound decisions regarding immigration and relocating in the USA. We hope the following links will provide you with the critical information in the processing of your immigration documents.

National Immigration Law Center: A national legal advocacy organization in the U.S
Information on Immigration Reform 2013-2014 Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act

National Legislation | Immigration Policy Center

U.S. Visa Law, Regulation, and Policy Basics

Visa Bulletin: Check Visa Priority Dates posted online

USCIS Website: check the status, processing time, infopass appointments and other important information

ICE Detainee Locator

DS 260

Getting a Visa to enter the United States

Department of State
The latest Visa Bulletin provides the current priority dates:

National Visa Center Visa Processing information:

Department of State forms:

If you would like to get a form in filing a Change of Address, please refer to the link provided below:

To view the list of approved physicians for Medical Examination, please visit the link below:

Medical Examination Authorized Physicians:

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