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Akere & Akere P.C is a team of legal experts who are always ready to face the unique legal challenges that clients encounter in the areas of Immigration Law, Criminal Defense, Personal Injury, Family Law and Bankruptcy. Whether it’s filling up a mountain of application forms for US Citizenship, securing custody of your child amidst a divorce, or zealously taking your civil and criminal cases to trial until justice is achieved, you can definitely find the legal advice you critically need. Immigration law is constantly changing, and it’s quite difficult to understand the intricacies of what is often required without the help of an experienced immigration attorney who can zealously coach and guide you through the complex issues from preparing the forms, representing you before the service to zealously defending and preventing your unjust removal from the United States.

We have a multi-lingual staff that will proactively work on your case and counsel you through each important step.

Akere & Akere P.C

Our Mission Statement

Our ultimate goal is to resolve whatever legal issues you are confronted with. We aim to provide affordable legal representation and assistance. We treat each case uniquely. We evaluate the specific details and will provide you with sound advice to ensure a successful outcome. The vast knowledge we’ve earned through the years will be at your disposal while you have us as your legal counsel.

Akere & Akere P.C provides service that is unbeatable and incomparable in the legal industry. We understand the clients’ needs, which is why we represent them zealously and effectively. Our ultimate goal is to resolve whatever problems we are confronted with and our clients hire us because:

We are accessible: we see and talk to our clients at anytime

We are affordable: we always work with our client’s finances and make convenient payment plans

We are experienced: Our vast knowledge is unbeatable and incomparable

Most importantly, we deal with each client and each case uniquely and we pray, committing each and every case to God

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